Year in Service: 2006
Number: 28
Number (Operational): 28
Maximum Speed: 200 Kms/h
Satus: At Service
Service Type: Long Haul

Different Units:
Ameyugo Castil de Peones Castronuño Ciempozuelos - 334.010 El Campillo - 334.018
Huerta de Valdecarábanos - 334.027 Los Caparroses Nava del Rey Penalajo Quesada - 334.008
Rivela - 334.006 Robledo de Sanabria San Asensio Venta de Pollos - 334.002 Villasequilla - 334.027

Technical Data

Mechanical Parts: Vossloh
Prime Mover: EMD
Transmission: General Motors
Brake: Knorr

Maximum Speed 200 Km/h
Maximum Tractive Effort 178 kN
Continuous Tractive Effort 92 kN
Continuous Tractive Effort (Speed) 75 km/h
Tractive Effort at Max. Speed 35 kN

Dinamic Brake:
Maximum Effort 80 kN
Corresponding Speed 88 km/h
Effort at Max. Speed 35,8 kN

Locomotive Type JT 42BW-HS.HE (Euro 3000)
Nominal Power (Wheels)  
Wheel Arrangement Bo' Bo'
Wheel Diameter (new) 965 mm
Driving Cabs (Number) 2
Air Brake Compressed Air
Dynamic Brake Rheostatic
Sanders (number) 4
Dead Man's Switch  
Multiple Working Up to 3
Wheel Flange Lubrification  
Speed Recorder  
Transmission Ratio 61 : 27

Oil 800 L
Water 1.000 L
Fuel 4.000 L
Sand 200 L
Height 4.280 mm
Width 2.860 mm
Lenght 21.500 mm

Traction Equipment

Prime Mover:
Number 1
Builder EMD
Type 12N710G3B-EC
Working Cycle 2
Cylinder Number and Arrangement V 12
Bore and Stroke  
Total Displacement  
Overfeeding Yes
Nominal Power 3.256 Cv
Nominal Speed 926 rpm
Effective Power  
Builder General Motors
Type AR - 10 + D 14

Traction Engines:
Builder EMD
Type D43 BMR
Number 4
Power 492 kW
Current 900 A

Electric Equipment

Main Generator:
Builder EMD
Type AR10-D1
Maximun Tension 1.400 V d.c.
Maximun Output Intensity 5.500 A

Auxiliary Generator:
Builder EMD
Output Tension 74 V d.c.
Power 18 kW

Heating Generator
Model HE5
Intensity 105 A
Tension 3.250 V
Builder EMD
Type A.C. Three-Phase
Nominal Tension 215 V
Frequency at 900 r.p.m. 120 Hz

Builder SAFT
Model SRX 1500 P-RCx50
Type Nickel-Cadmium
Number of Cells 50
Nominal Tension 64 V
Capacity 155 AH

Other Equipment

Builder Gardner Denver
Model WLM
Number of Cylinders 3
Air Production at 900 r.p.m. 5.340 L/min
Idle Air Production 1.780 L/min

Air Dryer:
Model SD7-3
Typical Air Flow 2.000 L/min
Maximum Pression 11 Kg/cm2

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