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U-Hansa (71 94 71-10 001/004)

Builder De Dietrich e Cie Reichshoffen
Construction Year 1967 (Modified 1991)
Max. Speed 160 Km/h
Medium Tare 50.000 Kg
Maximum Load 4.000 Kg
Capacity 33
Wheels 920 mm
Axle Bearing Conical Bearing
Axle Journal 130 x 217 mm
Brake O-P 80.8 Ton
Max. Hand Brake 7 t
Brake-rod Adjuster Block Incorporated
Triple Valve Oerlikon Est4dlR2M
Disco 640 x 110 mm
Climatization Stone Ibérica P25-BC Heat Pump
Lighting Fluorescent
Doors Manual Opening
Batteries Nickel-Cadmium 110 V

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