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Kbkkmps (41 94 322 0 001/063)

Builder Westwagon A.G. Werk Gastell
Construction Year 1944
MModified by Metalsines
Modification Year 1991
Max. Speed 100 Km/h
Medium Tare 10.300 Kg
Wheels 970 mm
Axle Bearing Roller Bearing
Axle Journal 120 x 145 mm
KE GP Brake 11-24 t
Vacuum Brake

Removed (has passage pipe)

Max. Hand Brake Doesn't have
Cylinders 1 x 12''
Brake-rod Adjuster DRV 2A - 450
Triple Valve KE 1c SL
"Unloaded-Loaded" Box LC-3R
Floor Space 24 m2
Loading Capacity 63 m3

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