Class Number: 0101/0115
Number Built: 15
Year in Service: 1948
Power Type: Diesel-Hydraulic
Service Type: Regional
Gauge: 1668 mm
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Technical Data

Mechanical Parts: Nohab
Diesel Engine: SAAB Scania
Transmission: Voith
Brake: ---
Performance Figures:
Maximum Speed 100 Km/h
Maximum Tractive Effort 4.480 Kg
Tractive Effort at Max. Speed 680 Kg

Dynamic Brake:
Maximum Effort Doesn't have
Corresponding Speed Doesn't have
Trainset Type Nohab
Nominal Power (Wheels) 252 hp
Wheel Arrangement (1A) (A1)
Wheel Diameter (new) 700 mm
Driving Cabs (Number) 2
Air Brake Compressed Air
Dynamic Brake Doesn't have
Sanders (number) 4 Stroke Cycle
Dead Man's Switch Nohab
Multiple Working Doesn't have
Wheel Flange Lubrification Doesn't have
Speed Recorder Hasler
Transmission Ratio 2,92 x 0,72 x 2,38

Traction Equipment

Prime Mover:
Number 2
Builder SAAB Scania
Type D11 - O1 A11
Working Cycle 4 Stroke Cycle
Cylinder Number and Arrangement 6 LV
Bore and Stroke 127x145 mm
Total Displacement 11 l
Overfeeding Doesn't have
Nominal Power 182 hp
Nominal Speed 2.000 rpm
Effective Power 159 hp
Builder Voith
Type DIWA 506-308 / VTS
2 Hydraulic Gearboxes
General Characteristics

Hydraulic and Mechanic Regime
Automatic Transmission
Built-in Reverser
Transmission Ratio: 2,92x0,72x2,38

Heating Equipment:
Builder Nohab (car) - Webasto (trailer)
General Characteristics Car: Diesel Water
Trailer: Webasto Boiler

Weight and Capacity

Fuel 425 Kg
Oil 2 x 19 Kg
Cooling Water 200 Kg
Sand 300 Kg
W.C. Water 2 x 100 Kg
Crew and Tools 200 Kg
TOTAL 1.363 Kg

Partial Weights
Prime Mover 865 Kg
Hydraulic Transmission 455 Kg
Bogie (Car) 3.530 Kg
Bogie (Trailer) 3.450 Kg

Weights: Car Trailer Total
Tare 33.300 Kg 20.150 Kg 53.450 Kg
In Running Order 34.225 Kg 20.350 Kg 54.575 Kg
Normal Load 39.985 Kg 24.670 Kg 64.655 Kg
Maximum Load 41.905 Kg 26.910 Kg 68.815 Kg

Capacity: 1st Class 2nd Class Standing
Car 24 46 24
Trailer -- 70 24
TOTAL 24 116 48
Capacity: 188

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