Class Number: 5601/5630
Number Built: 30
Year in Service: 1993
Power Type: Three-Phase Asynchronous
Service Type: Long Haul and Freight
Gauge: 1668 mm
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Technical Data

Mechanical Parts: Krauss Maffei
Electric Equipment Siemens
Transmission: Siemens
Brake: Knorr
Locomotive Type LE 5600
Power Output (Wheels) 7.620 hp
Wheel Arrangement Bo' Bo'
Wheel Diameter (new) 1.250 mm
Driving Cabs (Number) 2
Air Brake UIC
Dynamic Brake Rheostatic and Regenerative
Sanders (number) 8
Dead Man's Switch Deuta
Multiple Working up to 2
Wheel Flange Lubrification Delimon
Speed Recorder Convel + Sibas 16
Performance Figures
Maximum Speed 220 Km/h
Maximum Tractive Effort 33.600 Kg
Continuous Tractive Effort 25.500 Kg
Continuous Tractive Effort (Speed) 70 Km/h
Tractive Effort at Max. Speed 9.400 Kg

Dynamic Brake
Maximum Effort (Wheels) 17.350 Kg
Corresponding Speed (Rheostatic) 10 a 71 Km/h
Corresponding Speed (Regenerative) 10 a 118,6 Km/h

Traction Equipment

Builder and Type Trafo Union and Motra Efat 6844
Main Transformer 25 KV - 6.650 KVA
Traction Transformer 6 x 1.500 V - 6 x 975 KVA
Climatization 1.500 V - 800 KVA

Power Converter
Builder and Type Siemens - 420050.9015.005
Input: 3x1,5 Kv AC 50 Hz-700 A
Output: 2x0 at 2,2Kv 3f 650A - 0 at 140Hz 2250Kva

Auxiliary Converters
Builder and Type Abb Bur 2x28d-2-50
Input: 1x2800 V cc
Output: 2x440V 3f 60Hz, P1=38,4 and P2=41,8+2x150 at 440 V 3f
23/40/50/60 Hz, P3=P4=57,9 Kva

Traction Motors
Builder Siemens
Type 1TB 2824
General Characteristics Three-Phase Asynchronous
Self Ventilated
4 Pole
Isol. class 200
Air Conditioning
Builder Stone Ibéria
Power Heating: 5,0 Kw/
Refrigeration: 5,3 Kw

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