Class Number: 6001/6007 + 335.001/003
Number Built: 7
Year in Service: 2006
Power Type: Diesel-Electric
Service Type: Freight
Gauge: 1668 mm
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Technical Data

Mechanical Parts: Vossloh
Diesel Engine: EMD
Transmission: General Motors
Brake: Knorr
Performance Figures:
Maximum Speed 120 Km/h
Maximum Tractive Effort 400 kN
Continuous Tractive Effort 244 kN
Continuous Tractive Effort (Speed)  
Tractive Effort at Max. Speed  

Dynamic Brake:
Maximum Effort (Wheels)  
Corresponding Speed  
Locomotive Type Euro4000
Power Output (Wheels)  
Wheel Arrangement Co' Co'
Wheel Diameter (new) 1.067 mm
Driving Cabs (Number) 2
Air Brake Compressed Air
Dynamic Brake Rheostatic
Sanders (number)  
Dead Man's Switch  
Multiple Working Up to 3
Wheel Flange Lubrification  
Speed Recorder  
Transmission Ratio 71 : 18

Oil 1.075 l
Water 750 l
Fuel 7.000 l
Sand 480 l
Height 4.264 mm
Width 2.850 mm
Lenght 23.020 mm
Tare 125 t

Traction Equipment

Prime Mover:
Number 1
Builder EMD
Type 16-710 G3C-U2
Working Cycle 4 Stroke Cycle
Cylinder Number and Arrangement V 16
Bore and Stroke 230 x 280 mm
Total Displacement 152,1 l
Turbofeeding Sim
Nominal Power 4.324 hp
Nominal Speed 900 rpm
Effective Power 4.324 hp
Builder General Motors
Type 6 x Traction Motors D43
General Characteristics Nose Suspended

Traction Motors:
Builder General Motors
Type D43 TR
Number 6
Power 492 kW

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