Class Number: M-201 a M-257
Number Built: 56
Year in Service: 1993/96
Power Type: Electric
Service Type: Underground
Gauge: 1435 mm
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Technical Data

Tare (Car) 30,4 t
Tare (Trailer) 19,6 t
Maximum Load (M) 41,7 t
Maximum Load (R) 32,0 t

Capacity (Car):
Seating Places 40
Standing Places (6 passengers / m2) 122
Total 162
Lenght (Car) 16.240 mm
Lenght (Trailer) 16.090 mm
Width 2.789 mm
Height 3.523 mm
Gauge 1.435 mm

Capacity (Trailer):
Seating Places 48
Standing Places (6 passengers / m2) 130
Total 178

Performances (C+C):
Maximum Speed 72 kms/h
Maximum Acceleration 1,3 m/s2
Medium Deceleration 1,2 m/s2
Emergency Deceleration 1,4 m/s2

Performances (C+T+C):
Maximum Speed 72 kms/h
Maximum Acceleration 1,0 m/s2
Medium Deceleration 1,0 m/s2
Emergency Deceleration 1,4 m/s2
Service Brakes Electrodynamic (Rheostatic or Regenerative)
Emergency Brakes Pneumatic + Electromagnetic
Stopping Brakes Electropneumatic
Parking Brakes Spring Type, Incorporated in a Brake Cylinder

Electrical Characteristics:
Feeding Tension 750 V dc
Power Instalada (per car) 4 x 195 kW

Traction System:
Chopper de dois quadrantes com GTO e ondulador de corrente
Three-Phase Asyncronous Motor with Double Squirrel Cage

Self-Supporting Stainless Steal with High Strength Steel Top

Portas – tipo ladeante, de comando pneumático.

Type Twin-Motor
Primary Suspension Rubber Springs
Secundary Suspension Pneumatic Springs
Transmission Ratio 1 : 7,45

Number Built 57 Builder Sorefame / Bombardier
    In Service Date March 29, 1993

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