Class Number: 1051/1068
Number Built: 18
Year in Service: 1955
Power Type: Diesel-Electric
Service Type: Shunting
Gauge: 1668 mm
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Technical Data

Mechanical Parts: Gaston Moyse
Diesel Engine: Gaston Moyse
Transmission: Gaston Moyse
Brake: Whestinghouse

Maximum Speed 38 Km/h
Maximum Tractive Effort 7.000 Kg
Continuous Tractive Effort 7.000 Kg
Continuous Tractive Effort (Speed) 4 Km/h
Tractive Effort at Max. Speed 0 Kg

Dynamic Brake:
Maximum Effort (Wheels) Doesn't have
Corresponding Speed Doesn't have
Locomotive Type BA
Power Output (Wheels) 120 hp
Wheel Arrangement B
Wheel Diameter (new) 1.050 mm
Driving Cabs (Number) 1
Air Brake Compressed Air
Dynamic Brake Doesn't have
Sanders (number) 4 Stroke Cycle
Dead Man's Switch Moyse
Multiple Working Doesn't have
Wheel Flange Lubrification Doesn't have
Speed Recorder Moyse - Indication Only
Transmission Ratio 8,72

Traction Equipment

Prime Mover:
Number 1
Builder Gaston Moyse
Type M 6 A
Working Cycle 4 Stroke Cycle
Cylinder Number and Arrangement Lv 6
Bore and Stroke 150 x 170 mm
Total Displacement 18 l
Overfeeding Doesn't have
Nominal Power 200 hp
Nominal Speed 1.500 rpm
Effective Power 200 hp
Builder Gaston Moyse
Type 1 - Generatores CC
2 - Tandem Traction Motors
General Characteristics Totaly Suspended
Forced Ventilation
Transmission Ratio: 8,72

Heating Equipment:
Builder Doesn't have
General Characteristics Doesn't have


Partial Weight:
Prime Mover 1.560 Kg
Main Generator 1.030 Kg
Traction Motor 2.150 Kg
Tare 27.000 Kg
In Running Ordes 28.300 Kg
Fuel 835 Kg
36 Kg
Cooling Water 114 Kg
Sand 150 Kg
Crew and Tools 200 Kg
Total 1.335 Kg

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