08/02/2015 - New page with information about the Spanish electric units Class 446.

25/01/2015 - New galleries with pictures of some steam locomotives already available in the Technical Data section. For now, it starts with Class E1, Class E51, Class E81, Class E121 and Class E131.

18/01/2015 - Again, some new Steam Locomotives were added to the Technical Center: Class E21, Class E81, Class E131, Class 031 and Class 2121. Also, Class 319 Diesel Locomotives joined the Spanish Trains section. New pictures were added to the Class 9300 page.

04/01/2015 - More Steam Locomotives available in the Technical Data page. This time Class 005 and Class E51. In the European Network page is now possible to find information related to the Slovak Republic.

21/12/2014 - Steam Locomotives Class 001, Class 0181, Class 041, Class 0801, Class 0831, Class E1, Class E121 and Class E141 available in the Technical Data page. New picture added to the Class 1960 gallery.

14/12/2014 - New pictures in the portuguese Class 1550, Class 1900, Class 9000 and Class 9020 galeries. New page about the spanish Class 251.

08/12/2014 - Class 447 and Class 252 added to the Spanish Trains section. In the Portuguese Technical Data page, Lis Wagons, Lisbon Trams and Lisbon Underground units ML7, ML79, ML90, ML95, ML97 and ML99 were added. Class 1900, Class 1930 and Class 9630 pictures were reviewed and new ones added. Also new countries like Kazakhstan, Moldova and United Kingdom joined the European Network.

29/11/2014 - Some updates in the Technical Data section. Class 0050, Class 2000, Class 2100 and Class 2200 were added. Class 0100, Class 0300, Class 0400, Class 0600, Class 0750, Class 9100, Class 9300, Class 9600 and Class 9700 have new informations. New pictures added to the Class 9700 narrow gauge diesel units.

23/11/2014 - New countries added to the European Network. Finland, Germany and Greece are now available. In the Spanish Trains gallery its now possible to find some information and pictures about the Class 334 diesel locomotives. About portuguese trains there isn't much new, but some pictures were added to the already existent Class 1400 gallery.

16/11/2014 - The old page called "Other Countries" was changed to a new one which hopefuly, in the future, will have detailed information about the different Spanish Trains. For starters are available two pages with information about the Class 333 and Class 335 Diesel Locomotives. About portuguese trains, the technical data related to the Class 0350 was updated. Some new photos were added to the Class 0600 and Class 3500 pages. Croatia is now available in the European Network page.

09/11/2014 - More countries added to the European Network page. Denmark, France, Italy, Portugal and Spain are now available. It's also available a new page with Technical Information about the diferent portuguese trains.

01/11/2014 - New page in the Lines Section with information about the rail network of the different European Countries. For starters it's possible to view the basic informations about some countris as Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Russia and Switzerland. As for new photos, the ones in the Class 4700 were revised and some new ones were haded.

26/10/2014 - It's finally online.. Unfortunatelly there may be a couple of pages sitll showing some bugs. For that we apologise!

16/10/2013 - Starting from the scratch! Some time ago, this site had an entire version dedicated to everyone who didn't speak our home language. But after a long period with no activity at all, it was time to develop new contents. Unfortunately the english section was kept behind and it is now much simple to do it again from the begining. For now, there are few sections available. But, hopefully, we will be able to translate all other sections and make them available soon. For starters (and because it was the easiest to translate) the Picture Gallery and the Other Countries sections are both available.

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